The Kennedy Mine Loop Trail

Enjoy Nature & History – Take a Walk at the Historic Kennedy Gold Mine


The Kennedy Mine Loop Trail (KMLT) is a pedestrian-only scenic walk that spans 2.3 miles of dirt trail. The trail is mostly free from poison oak and offers walkers a rigorous exercise experience with varied terrain and picturesque views. Along the trail, there are three rest stops equipped with benches for relaxation. The KMLT forms a loop, encircling the central area of mine activity, providing a unique and enjoyable outdoor activity.

trail loop satellite view
trail loop map

Guest Access to the Trail

Visitors to the Kennedy Mine during tour hours can request approval from on-site tour guides to explore the trails. However, strict conditions apply, including staying on the designated trail and returning to their car before the tours close. Information and registration for trail usage can be obtained at the Gift Shop.

Also, there are guided tours available on selected days. Please call our office for an update on scheduled days for the guided Trail Loop Tour. Meeting and parking will take place in the rear of the First Baptist Church pkg lot at 10700 N CA-49, Jackson.

Membership Access to the Trail

For the current year, selected residents will be invited to become Kennedy Mine Loop Trail members. For all volunteers who helped build and maintain the trails, membership is automatic.

Membership benefits entitle the member to:

  • walk the trail without a guide.
  • walk without checking in first with a tour guide.
  • walk at off hours when the mine is not open, by using the gate code (be sure to lock the trail gate behind you, going in or out).

If you are interested in becoming a member and participating in these benefits, please complete the Kennedy Mine Loop Trail Volunteer Application and submit it. For more information or to request additional details, you can email Bob Devlin at

Membership is free, but members are encouraged to contribute through volunteering for future projects or making a cash donation.

Kennedy Mine Loop Trail Access Rules

There are strict rules for trail access, as follows:

  • Complete the Kennedy Mine Loop Trail Volunteer Application, and submit. Upon acceptance of this application, you will be emailed the gate code.
  • Park only at the Baptist Church at the North Entrance, and walk down to the trail gate. Do not drive into the Mine, even if the main gate is open.
  • There are signs along the trail to help you stay on the trail. It is unlikely you will encounter other Kennedy Volunteers. If you do, politely tell them your name and that you are a member.
  • No animals, bicycles or motorized vehicles are allowed, with the exception of dogs on a leash (at all times). The grate on the pedestrian bridge may be too rough for your dog’s paws, and there is no other way past it. See “B” on the map.
  • At this time there are no picnic tables along the trail but you are welcome to stop at any of the three benches.
  • Please haul out any modern trash (pop cans, paper cups, candy wrappers, etc.), even the trash you might see others leave. Help us keep the trail clean.
  • Please do not move or remove artifacts or take souvenirs. Please leave relics/artifacts where you see them for others to enjoy. Help preserve our history! Thank you!
  • Please email Mike Hewitt at with any comments or observations (e.g, trees down, poison oak). 
Educational Field Trips – Adventures to Remember!

Educational Field Trips – Adventures to Remember!

The Kennedy Mine is a non-profit, volunteer historical landmark, located about an hour east of Stockton and Sacramento offering one of the best school tours in the Mother Lode. Our volunteer staff offers a historically accurate, educational and fun experience for students of all ages and grades. WE PROVIDE THE ENTIRE PROGRAM so the teachers can relax and have fun too!

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Monthly PARANORMAL Nights at Kennedy Gold Mine! 3rd Saturday

Monthly PARANORMAL Nights at Kennedy Gold Mine! 3rd Saturday

Monthly – 3rd Saturday: Join experienced Paranormal Investigators as they lead you through this historic property on their Paranormal Investigations. See for yourself if miners still work the mine! Space is limited so reserve your place now!

Evening 7-hour Paranormal Investigations: 6 pm to 1 am – $75 per person, $50 per person for Amador and Calaveras residents (ID required). Next dates are: Sep. 23rd, 2023 • Oct. 21, 2023 • Nov. 18, 2023

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