About The Kennedy Mine Foundation

The Kennedy Gold Mine is a non-profit 501(c)3 museum, a CA Historical Landmark, and is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places as the principal part of the Kennedy Mine Historic District.

The Kennedy Mine Foundation was established in 1996 with the purpose of preserving the Kennedy Mine and its property for its historical significance and wildlife habitat.

The Foundation holds the deed to the Kennedy Mine property, which was transferred from the estate of Sybil Arata in 1997. Over the years, the Foundation has worked to rehabilitate the property, starting with basic cleanup and followed by much-needed repair and maintenance.

In the early years, limited tours of the property were started, and several buildings were opened to the public. Today, the Foundation continues its efforts to rehabilitate additional buildings, expand exhibits, and restore portions of the iconic head frame.

The Kennedy Mine, which was the deepest mine in North America when it was closed during World War II, represents not only the California Gold Rush but also the technological advancements in mining that followed.

It served as a place that brought men from all over the world together in pursuit of gold, as evident from the employment records in the Archives that show the extensive travel undertaken by men to follow the lure of gold.

Our Mission

The mission of the Kennedy Mine Foundation is to protect, conserve, and restore the historic structures, and share the history of the Kennedy Mine property. We aim to retain its historic value, scenic beauty, natural treasures, and wildlife habitat for future generations.

Future Goals

The Kennedy Mine Foundation is committed to preserving the Kennedy Mine and its property for its historical significance and wildlife habitat, and these future goals reflect their ongoing efforts to achieve this mission. 

  1. Head frame restoration: Conducting a structural analysis of the 135-foot head frame and installing new decking for each of the three levels. Plans include creating a viewing area to allow the public to see how miners entered and exited the mine, providing a unique insight into the mine’s operations. August 2023 Update: 1st level and viewing area are complete. See Photos
  2. Reconstruction of a five-stamp mill: Completing the story of mine operation through the reconstruction of a stamp mill, which was an essential piece of equipment used in ore processing during the gold rush era. Interpretation of ore processing methods will be included to educate visitors about the mining process.
  3. Interpretive signage and trails: Developing recreational walking and jogging trails within the 154 acres of woods and grasslands at the Kennedy Mine. These trails may include nature observation and interpretive signs to highlight indigenous plant and animal species, historic overlooks, and points of interest, providing an educational and enjoyable experience for visitors.
  4. Maintenance and renovation of historic structures: Continuing the maintenance and renovation of the existing historic structures on the property, while maintaining historical accuracy. This will ensure the integrity of the mine’s structures and preserve their historical significance for future generations.
  5. Expansion of Kennedy Mine Archive: Expanding the Kennedy Mine Archive’s state-of-the-art climate control and fire suppression systems to accommodate the growing collection of rare and unique documents that depict the history of mining in Amador County and the Mother Lode. This will ensure the preservation of these valuable historical resources.

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Board Members

Linda Gonzales – President
Doug Ketron – Vice President
Susan Moriera – CFO

Pat Crew
Keith Davis
Bob Dean
Max Godde
Phil Kreiss
Frank Tortorich

Educational Field Trips – Adventures to Remember!

Educational Field Trips – Adventures to Remember!

The Kennedy Mine is a non-profit, volunteer historical landmark, located about an hour east of Stockton and Sacramento offering one of the best school tours in the Mother Lode. Our volunteer staff offers a historically accurate, educational and fun experience for students of all ages and grades. WE PROVIDE THE ENTIRE PROGRAM so the teachers can relax and have fun too!

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Monthly PARANORMAL Nights at Kennedy Gold Mine! 3rd Saturday

Monthly PARANORMAL Nights at Kennedy Gold Mine! 3rd Saturday

Monthly – 3rd Saturday: Join experienced Paranormal Investigators as they lead you through this historic property on their Paranormal Investigations. See for yourself if miners still work the mine! Space is limited so reserve your place now!

Evening 7-hour Paranormal Investigations: 6 pm to 1 am – $75 per person, $50 per person for Amador and Calaveras residents (ID required). Next dates are: Sep. 23rd, 2023 • Oct. 21, 2023 • Nov. 18, 2023

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