Restaurants and Accommodations
Near the Historic Kennedy Gold Mine





The Kennedy Mine, Jackson CAPlanning a visit? Whether you are looking for a snack, fast food, local fare or fine dining, Amador County has it all. Check the Chamber of Commerce listings for dining to match your taste.

The Kennedy Mine also has a picnic area with tables if you would like to bring your own lunch or snack. Enjoy the mine while you eat!



Accommodations: Inns, Motels, Hotels, RV, campgrounds.

Main St., Jackson CAConsidering extending your visit? With so much to do in Amador County, why not stay for a while? There are many historic towns and places to discover, plus some great golfing, wineries, recreational lakes for fishing and boating, hiking and adventure in our lush forests, mountains and trout streams.

Choose from many fine places to stay found in the Amador Chamber of Commerce listings. Relax in comfort and enjoy your stay!