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Kennedy Gold Mine - Jackson CA photo 1914 Kennedy Gold Mine
Miners and Workers of the Kennedy Gold Mine in 1914.

The Mining Archive is a state-of-the-art climate-controlled facility built and dedicated in 2012 to house collections including the original operating documents of the famous Kennedy Gold Mine. These papers have a great value to both historians and genealogists alike, and encompass the history of the mining industry in Amador County, California. Download the KMFM Archive brochure in PDF..

 Historic Documents in the Collection:

Holdings include many of the records from 1886 through 1942, the 56 years of continuous operation by the last company to own the mine. They cover personnel records, operations, maps of the underground workings, plans for on-site facilities, letters to and from the Kennedy Mine, legal actions, ore quality and quantity, financial balance sheets, and purchases of supplies, land and other mines. Also photos of the operations from the 1870s to the present and fire insurance maps of the facility at various times during its operation.

Personnel records include Payroll ledgers, applications, accident reports, California insurance, as well as other miscellaneous documents.

There are bound volumes of copies of the letters from the Kennedy Mine Superintendent to the Mine Board as well as all other letters he sent. Of particular interest are the Superintendent's view of accidents at the Mine and the Mine's legal liability in them. They provide a narrative of progress from a marginal financial gamble, through wildly successful times, then decades of eking out a marginal living, and finally government-mandated shutdown.

There are a few records of operation of the mine prior to 1886, and perhaps extending back to the 1860s.

The Kennedy Mine Archive also has documents and pictures relating to the mine after it was no longer in operation, from 1942 to the present. This includes about 10 years of ownership by its last Superintendents, 33 years by Sybil Arata until 1994, and finally, from 1996 to the present by the non-profit Kennedy Mine Foundation.

Finally, there are operational records from other local mines (including the Argonaut Mine, Central Eureka and Zeila), texts, maps of the Mother Lode, and other Mother-Lode and mining related documents.

Kennedy Gold Mine - Jackson CA North Shaft
Historic Photo - North Shaft

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Historic Photos Are Available:

Kennedy Gold Mine - Jackson CA Mine before Fire
Historic photo of the Kennedy
Gold Mine before the fire.
Kennedy Gold Mine - Jackson CA Tailings Wheel
The Famous Kennedy
Gold Mine Tailing Wheels
Kennedy Gold Mine - Jackson CA Covered Tailings WheelKennedy Tailings Wheel
Historic Photo - Kennedy Tailings Wheel (Covered)